Haunted Guitar Store Posts Chilling Footage Of Ghost

Most music shops have security cameras installed to catch anybody daring enough to try to steal some tool from them, but one store in the united kingdom seized something quite distinct on theirs. The Guitar, Amp and Keyboard shop in Brighton, England seized that's not all, and what resembles a figure walking toward a customer. Additionally, they filmed a cost in addition to a few guitars. When standing at the store as a white figure moves texting, it shows that a guy. The ghost is visible.

Movement detectors went off at the shop, so the owners assessed their safety cameras. They noticed that two guitars while others all remained still, swaying on the shelves were captured by the CCTV. Thirty minutes later, fell to the ground and there was a cost ripped off a Fender.

The owners advised the Daily Star that they do not understand in what way the guitars could move, stating,"Some say it might be the guitars re-adjusting themselves once they had been hanged incorrectly, however there's no end there, and it's not near any draft or venting, so that there aren't many hints".

They went on to discuss the bizarre events they've seen, saying,"Staff thinks it's odd and a little creepy, but it hasn't affected anyone coming in."

At the meantime, the owners wish to keep a watch for any other activity.

Photo: YouTube/GAK

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