“It sits on my bed”: a man filmed a paranormal phenomenon in his bedroom

On Twitter and about the Reddit website, an video seemed that was posted with a young woman.

At night, her father began to feel that somebody played around with his bed, and also it appeared that some thing sat on his bed.

There weren't any pets in the house, or so a camera was set by the guy and became frightened.

After he looked through the footage he definitely saw something paranormal there. To begin with, a individual having a force pulls the cover into the side, and sneaks beneath it at the side.

However, the worst occurs at the conclusion, when like a human you can see a shape in the negative to get a few moments. And this isn't something else, although this girl's father, since the silhouette moves into the right and disappears.

Both his daughter and the man were amazed by what the camera filmed during the nighttime.

"Watch how it lifts the veil and after that it appears to go under it at the opposing side. And then it gradually dissolves in the atmosphere."

Due to the quality of black and white writing, it's hard to find out which type of shape appears on the mattress. Or can it be a ghost in the kind of a guy or some type of illusion.

Net users were critical about recording.

According to these, there's nothing paranormal there, along with the veil has been transferred by the dad at a dream with legs or his palms.

They describe the disappearance of this"ghost" by the simple fact that the guy lifted his veil along with his elbow and then suddenly let him go. The rest is a play of darkness and light.

My dad has been feeling his sheets being messed with and someone sitting on his bed in the night so he set up a camera. This is what he saw. I’m freaked tf out. @Zak_Bagans pic.twitter.com/JJHv4dxqcB— shy 🥀 (@shyannrachael) April 21, 2019

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