Beer Glass Explodes on Camera in "Haunted" Pub

Is it a paranormal activity or down to math?

Punters were sitting having a visit when there appeared to be a glass to detonate before them in The Salmon in Belford.

Donna Duns and proprietors Michael, who've run the bar for three decades, shared a film of the occurrence on Facebook and express it's not the main occasion.

Beer Glass Explodes on Camera in "Haunted" Pub

Michael, 38, said: "The glass was around for around 20 minutes and there was a large portion of 16 ounces in it.

"I have heard the bar is spooky off a couple of individuals before which I accept now after this occurred.

"The three tables at the motion picture have been demonstrated to be the place essential occurrences happen with respect to glasses moving and tumbling off tables.

"We've seen two glass moving scenes however not breaking that way."

Other spooky occasions have likewise been gotten on camera,'' he said.

"There is another video of one of our bar staff hearing or feeling something in her ear while serving, you can see on camera she is unmistakably scared," he clarified.

In any case, some Facebook clients were less persuaded that it was a paranormal movement that prompted the glass to smash and was simply down to"physics".

One individual said it had been down to the straightforward certainty from being washed, the glass may have encountered breaks, and an unexpected change in temperature subsequent to originating from a hot steam glasswasher. They said: "An abrupt reduction in temperature, such as being presented to super cold ale makes the glass all of a sudden therapist, the miniaturized scale breaks become precarious and come up short bringing about exactly what you find in this motion picture. Material science in real life, Not paranormal."

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